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Palestra: “The Power of Making” por Daniel Charny, Professor de Design na Kingston University

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Palestra: “The Power of Making” por Daniel Charny, Professor de Design na Kingston University
por M-ITI Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute - Segunda, 3 Abril 2017, 12:49


Join us this Wednesday, April 5, from 17:00-18:00, for the talk “The Power of Making” by Daniel Charny, Professor of Design at Kingston University.

'It seems we are in the midst of a great awakening of making, or even as some have declared the dawn of the next (maker driven?) industrial revolution.
The reality is that although most people can make, most people don’t. In fact fewer and fewer of us, especially those who live in cities, actually know how to make things they use, need or want. This is a dramatic and unfortunate legacy of the Industrial Revolution, which has shaped the world we live in. Distance and lack of understanding are impacting also on governments and educational institutions, which are failing to see that making needs to be part of our future.
Making is the universal infrastructure of production – be it technical or artistic, scientific or cultural. It is a type of applied thinking vital to creating new knowledge and like writing, making is a means to understand the world.’

In his talk, Professor Daniel Charny will draw on insights from twenty-five years deep involvement in design education and creative initiatives, such as Fixperts, Maker Library Network and the critically acclaimed Power of Making exhibition.


Short Bio:
Daniel Charny is an acclaimed curator and design educator deeply interested in the role of making in our future lives. He is creative director of the London based consultancy From Now On and co-founder director of the award winning social design initiative Fixperts. Charny is Professor of Design at Kingston University and guest Professor at KADK in Copenhagen, previously Senior Tutor at Royal College of Art. He is best known as curator of the Power of Making exhibition for the V&A museum and as creative director of the Maker Library Network for the British Council and founding director of the hardware incubator Central Research Laboratory.

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