Talk sobre Node.js

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Talk sobre Node.js
por M-ITI Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute - Quarta, 18 Fevereiro 2015, 17:39
O M-ITI gostaria de convidar-vos a assistir a uma talk na próxima Quarta Feira dia 25 de Fevereiro, às 14:30 na Classroom (M-ITI), com Pedro Teixeira.
Ever since being introduced in 2009, Node.js has enjoyed unprecedented growth and has been heavily adopted by the software industry. JavaScript is quickly on its way to world domination: it is the language of user interfaces, databases, IoT and now, with Node.js, the language being used server-side.
In this talk we’ll analyse all the inside facts behind the hype: what makes this a great platform, its main use cases, the companies driving it and the community around Node.js.
Short bio:
Pedro Teixeira is a programmer, freelancer, and entrepreneur. He is the author of some Node.js modules, the Node Tuts screencast show, and the Hands-on Node.js e-book and overall fervent proclaimer of the Node.js creed. He wrote Professional Node.js (Wiley), Hands-on Node.js (self-published) and some other books featuring the same subject. He is the organizer of the Lisbon JavaScript Conference (LXJS) and is also a partner at YLD, a London-based consulting firm specializing in Node.js.
Presentation Agenda:
* Trend watching
* JavaScript rules the World
* Client-side (Web, Cordova)
* Databases (CouchDB, Riak, MongoDB, LevelDB)
* IoT
* Back-end
* Industry adoption of Node.js
* Walmart
* Microsoft
* Many many Others
* Personal Experience
* What makes Node great?
* JIFASNIF: Javascript Is Fun And So Node Is Fun
* NPM: Package Management done right
* Respecting The Unix Philosophy: Modularity
* Scalability at your fingertips (handling of clients, streaming, etc.)
* Node Use Cases
* Smart Proxy
* Micro-services
* Real-time (event-driven programming)
* Node is Not PHP, Rails or Django
* Low-level programming: different levels of abstraction
* More control over the platform
* Is fragmentation a good thing?
* The Community
* Conferences
* The People behind Node.js
* IO.js: what’s up with that?
* Q&A
Contamos convosco!