Game Design Playtest

Game Design Playtest

by Sergi Bermudez i Badia -
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Next Monday starting at 16h in M-ITI come and play the games developed in the Game Design course this year! We have a Head Mounted Displays, a lie detector, a multiplayer ship battle and more... if you decide to immerse yourself in the world of Explornesia: The Trilogy.

Start your journey by sabotaging other captains in a race to build a ship and set sail into an ocean of adventures.

While traversing the treacherous waters of the northern Atlantic, wield the Lie Detector to reveal the Spanish spies that are trying to sabotage your voyage.

To conclude the final chapter of the trilogy, engage in a fun, multiplayer, naval mayhem. Earn your right to settle on land and defend your fortification using VR binoculars to devise the enemy’s strategy.