MAST Workshop: Progressive Products for Social Europe

MAST Workshop: Progressive Products for Social Europe

by Sergi Bermudez i Badia -
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Progressive Product Prototypes workshop 

In this one week intensive workshops, sponsored by the MAST consortium and with international students from Graz, Nova Gorica and Funchal, along with mentors and further experts will inquire about “how and why of making things”. In this crash course (sometimes literally)  students develop workshop and laboratory skills, “/…/ from cutting wood to welding metal, etching circuits to using machine tools. No prior experience is necessary. Days in the shop will be augmented with evening lectures by international faculty.

In the academic fields that make things — science, engineering, design, and art — being able to turn an idea into a thing is a critical skill, allowing the proof of a hypothesis, demonstration of a finding, or embodiment of an idea. Building the world can be a way of knowing, not only proving, and even a way of choosing how to live. Experimental physicists design 27km long machines to detect something that weighs .0000000000000002kg, while artist Yayoi Kusama designs patterned environments where she can camouflage herself, and designer Jae Rhim Lee builds mushroom suits to safely compost corpses. All these diverse activities rely on surprisingly similar processes of material manipulation that have deep roots in human culture — a dense and varied set of histories — but are at the same time immediate and a source of pleasure and satisfaction to many people.”

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