Conhecer as noções básicas de animação 2D/2.5D
Conhecer os princípios da animação
Conhecer diferentes técnicas de animação
Ganhar experiência com software de animação

An interface provides the framework, elements, and resources for a “conversation” to take place between (i) people and people, (ii) people and places, and (iii) people and products. An interface should subtly convey an expectation of what the product can do and provide feedback on actions taken.
Interaction designers invent interfaces and define product behavior. Through a process of (i) exploring the needs and desires of users, (ii) the social and functional aspects of context, and (iii) agendas of relevant stakeholders, interaction designers frame a problem through a solution that defines what a product is, what it does, and how it works. Through this integrative process, designers invent what might be, addressing the problem in order to transition the world from its current state to a “preferred” state.

Students will learn design and authoring techniques for creating Web pages and linking text, sound, images, and video data for industrial, educational, and personal applications. The focus will be on learning basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding skills in an integrated computer environment.

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