Palestras Convidadas sobre Inteligência Artificial e Energia, 17 de Maio, às 14h30 na Sala 1

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Caros Alunos,

Aproveitando as visitas dos professores Eduard Petlenkov e Juri Belikov da Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, serão realizadas as seguintes paletras convidadas:

AI for Energy Efficient Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems.
In the short lecture, I will show how machine learning, AI and data-driven control algorithms can be used to significantly decrease the energy consumption of commercial buildings as well as improve the quality of indoor climate. The lecture is supported by practical real-life examples.
Professor Eduard Petlenkov, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Energy Informatics
Energy Informatics is a new rapidly growing field that focuses on the intersection of energy systems and information technology. This interdisciplinary field encompasses a broad range of topics, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart buildings/grids, energy storage and policy. Its importance cannot be overstated, as energy is one of the most critical resources that play a crucial role in the development of our society. Without adequate energy resources, economic growth and human progress would be severely hampered. In this invited talk, we will take a quick look into this new research field.
Professor Juri Belikov, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

A sessão tem lugar amanhã (dia 17 de maio) na Sala 1 (piso -2) às 14h30 e estão todos convidados.

21 abril, 16h - Palestra convidada sobre Técnicas de Data Mining

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Na 6ªfeira dia 21 de Abril recebemos a visita da Profª. Anca Andreica, da Babes-Bolyai University, Roménia que fará uma palestra convidada sobre Técnicas de Data Mining.

A sessão tem lugar na sala 33, pelas 16h e estão convidados a comparecer.

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Provas públicas de Mestrado em Engenharia Informática

by Karolina Baras -

Título: Design and Development of RehabMarket, An inspiring interactive experiencefor motor and cognitive rehabilitation after stroke

Autor: Guilherme Spínola Freitas 

Local: Sala de Documentação da FCEE e Sessão Zoom

Dia/Hora: 17/04/2023 14:00 Sala de Documentação FCEE e sessão Zoom ID: 930 4503 9746 Senha: 184189

Nowadays, there are many cases of people who have suffered a stroke and need some kind of rehabilitation to recover any type of movements, whether from the upper limbs or from the lower limbs. Thus, with this project it is intended to develop a technological activity that allows people who are in this reality of post-stroke rehabilitation to participate in order to improve their physical and mental capacities. In order to get feedback and to understand if the system was successfully developed, there are 3 important questions that are important if you see answered at the end of the whole process: 1. Is RehabMarket ready to be played without user errors? 2. How does the game be compared to the actual activity of going to the supermarket? 3. How is the participants' experience evaluated?In this document will be presented some information about the main theme, stroke, such as the various types of stroke that exist, the factors that lead to the occurrence of them and the most common sequelae. Later, some existing systems will be shown whose objective is also to assist in post-stroke rehabilitation. In order to have more opinions on the subject and on the various methods that could exist to assist in rehabilitation, a focus group was made,which will be presented in this document, also referring to the results of the same. Once the focus group session is complete, the implementation phase has been moved, which will be explicit in the document, as well as the results of the user tests that were performed at the end.

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