Game Design Playtest - Monday 22nd of May at 17h @ ARDITI

Game Design Playtest - Monday 22nd of May at 17h @ ARDITI

by Sergi Bermudez i Badia -
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Dear all,

The students of Informatics Engineering and Interactive Media Design Masters, are holding a Playtesting Event on the 22nd of May at 17:00 in the Madeira Tecnopolo Building, floor -2.

There are four games to be tested (two board games and two digital games). Food and drinks will be served.

Team innoquest: We are Innoquest and our mission is to create fun and exciting gaming experiences using innovative technologies. Through our games we want to encourage curiosity and environmental awareness by inspiring our users to discover and appreciate the beauty and importance of the Oceans.

Team LevelUP Lab: Make a change. In the Combinable Academy, you learn which materials (that landed in the trash) can be combined to make something new out of them. After that, you enter the Combinable factory! Here, you get to put the new learned knowledge intro practice. You combine certain materials to create something totally new! Reutilize otherwise trash, creating new solutions and supporting the planet earth.

To participate, please fill in the form, here.