Provas públicas de Mestrado em Engenharia Informática

Provas públicas de Mestrado em Engenharia Informática

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Título: Development and Analysis of an Open-source Platformto Simulate Electric Vehicle Charging Needs

Autor:   Manuel Joaquim Andrade Sousa Perez

Local: Sala de Documentação da FCEE e Sessão Zoom

Dia/Hora: 03/12/2021 14:30 Sala de Documentação FCEE e sessão Zoom ID: 930 4503 9746 Senha: 184189

There is the need to improve the charging process of EVs. In order to do that, the field of smart-charging and smart-chargingalgorithms emerged. Nevertheless, the studies involved in this field are complex, expensive, and risky, leading to a need forprior simulations to analyze/predict the integration of EVs in the electrical networks. There have been some solutions to solvethis problem. However, they consist of either academic, proprietary, or limited/rigid solutions. On that account, in this thesis,we have presented a solution that provides a handy and intuitive tool for the researchers to simulate these scenarios with adecoupled and flexible simulation system. Its decoupled architecture is accomplished by adopting open design approaches andthe concept of containerized micro-services, easing up the process of maintaining/extending it and providing high scalability.This solution was evaluated in three assessments: migrating it to a remote production system, giving an external developerthe task of enhancing a given data model, and integrating this system with an external one. This solution delivered goodresults in these three tasks. All in all, this solution was motivated by the good aspects of some solutions found in the relatedwork (and improving some of them), it fulfilled its objectives, and it solved the stated problem. At the moment, this solution isalready up and running on a production system while also being consumed externally.